Modern Bedside Shelf
Do you need to
keep things handy 
in Bed?
Do you need space to charge your cell phone or leave your beverages
when you ´re in bed?
Frustrated with not having your essentials nearby when you need them?
Struggling to find a solution for your lack of space?
Tired of looking for a cable at the floor or behind the desk to charge your electronics?
A nightstand is something you take for granted Until You Don't Have One And Find Yourself Without a Place For Your Stuff 
What kid doesn't dream of being on the top bunk?
But once your little one gets up there, reality hits hard: there's nowhere to store special electronics! Bedside tables don't float in the air (yet), so until they do, we have a creative solution for fitting all your needs into any space.

Having a bedside table in your bedroom is essential.
Maximize your space and always have a place for that hefty Lit book, phones, remote control, eyeglasses, tablets or laptops, alarm clocks, headphones, water bottle and more. If you like to read before bed, surf the web while you lounge in bed or keep your coffee, tea or beverage at arm's reach, our shelf is perfect for you.
Our story
I want to thank you for your interest in our product
Our bedside shelf was created to bring you high quality and convenience.

The idea of a bedside shelf was born after seeing my wife struggling so much to reach for her essentials. Her lamp, picture frames, and books took all the space of her bedside table, so she was constantly faced with the problem of finding space to put her tablet, watch, and phone, ultimately deciding to put them on the floor.

In the mornings after waking up, she struggled to retrieve her items from the floor contributing to her back pains.

After so much frustration, I thought...
“there has to be a bedside table that doesn’t take too much space and that will help my wife reach her essentials without effort.”
After doing some research, we were filled with excitement after coming across attachable bedside shelves! But our excitement quickly faded away after failing to find one that was perfect for us.

We were looking for one that could go with our room aesthetics, simple yet modern and stylish. Thus, we decided to create our own design;
one made with long lasting quality materials and that was beautifully crafted.
We couldn’t be prouder and happier with our design. As days went by, we thought about all the people who could relate to us, so we decided to share it to the world! Months of research and development went by until we finally produced one that not only match our design, but also met all our quality expectations.
 We Hope You Enjoy Our Product As Much As We Do!
Imagine having a bedside shelf that saves space, is multipurpose, removable, and, most importantly, that allows you to easily reach your essentials
Bringing you the best…
Solve the “lack of a night table” with this innovative bedside shelf which is also designed to fit all of your most essential items.

Our bedside shelf is a must-have for college students to keep things handy and a great gift for your loved ones .
You can trust our bedside shelf to carry any items up to 15 pounds.

Our bedside’s adjustable and strong clamp system fits most bed frames, loft beds, headboards, cribs, and bunk beds.

Original and exclusive minimalist design, and beautifully crafted with rounded edges and simple details to give it a unique modern feel. We strive to ensure that our products satisfy your needs. That’s why we use only the best materials.
Unlike other shelves available, our shelf has soft pads around the screws to avoid damaging your bed frame or post. Our bamboo shelves come with a prime finish to avoid circles or stains from you drinks. The finish will help avoid splinters or damage. 
Our shelf features rounded edges that allow for a quick and easy cleaning. No more dirt accumulated in the corners!

Make Your Bedroom Stylish With Our Modern And Minimalistic Shelf
We can’t say that our shelf will radically change your life, but will certainly make it easier!
Balethi bedside shelf includes...
Stunning shelf with exclusive minimalistic design
Our natural bamboo and black color shelf will match any décor and holds up to 15 pounds. No assembly required.  
Cable clips holder
Set of 2 brown pcs. Adhesive firm pads adhere to any flat surface, reliable and easy to install.
Improved Clamp system with premium screws and padding
Fits Most Bed Frames, Lofts Beds, Headboards, Bunk Beds. The maximum clamp width is 2.7 inches
Super Cool 
Bonus #1

4 extra cable clip holders in color black and white to help you personalize your bedside shelf.
Super Cool
Bonus #2

You will get a free delivery guarantee in more than 8,000 cities and towns in the U.S.
We Are almost out of stock! 
limited time offer!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee or 
your money back!

you can Customize Your
Bedside shelf!
Well-polished and beautifully crafted in two different colors suitable for any room: natural bamboo and black.
For your convenience, our bedside shelf also includes 6 cable clip holders that are reliable and easy to install to keep your cables neat and organized. Our cable holders come in colors white, brown, and black to help you personalize your shelf. You can also use our cable holders on trays, under the desk, tables, floor, cabinets, walls, or any flat surfaces to stay organized.
How to install
Our shelf comes preassembled and the installation only takes 5 minutes!
Just follow the next steps:
1 - Adjust the knobs as needed to fit your frame
2 - Simply clasp the open bottom of the plank to your desired place of the bed
3 - Turn the knobs to tighten in place

Balethi Bedside Shelf
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  • ​6 cable clip holders                  ($9.99 Value)
  • ​Soft Pads around screws        ($6.00 Value)
  •  Free Delivery                          ($18.50 Value)
Total Value: $94.48
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